Female doctor analyzing brain MRI scan results of a patient on computer monitor in control room.

Open MRI

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a non-invasive imaging technology that provides details of your body parts, especially soft tissues, with the help of magnetic fields and radio waves. It is often used for disease detection, diagnosis and treatment monitoring.

An open MRI is a machine that is open on the sides rather than a tube closed at one end. It was developed to accommodate the needs of claustrophobic patients and for patients whose size or weight exceed the limits of the traditional MRI machines.

These are only a few of the advantages of an Open Mri:

  • Accommodates most body types
  • May prevent claustrophobia and need for sedation
  • An open Mri id quieter than a traditional Mri machine
  • More Child friendly
  • Open Mri’s makes the transportation process more comfortable and smoother for people who are physically disables or are in a wheelchair.


f your prescription requires an Mri with contrast you may be asked to fast for a specific period of time, otherwise no prior preparation is needed for the exam. A form will need to be filleds with questions regarding your personal medical history.

Our trained staff will ask you to remove metallic objects such as Watches, Jewelry, wallets, etc.  

Exams performed:

  • Brain
  • chest
  • Abdomen
  • Cervical
  • Hip
  • Pelvis
  • Upper/lower Extremities


A certified radiologist will review and analyze the images. He will then submit a detailed report that will be sent to your physician. Once your physician has reviewed the report, they will follow up with you to discuss the findings and next steps.